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Fortifying Airport Security

DefenSync's Advanced Counter UAS Solutions for Airports
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The proliferation of drones presents an evolving risk to airport safety and public well-being. Instances of drones breaching airspace and endangering aircraft have become more frequent worldwide, posing potential disruptions to flight schedules and operational efficiency. It is paramount to establish reliable and efficient counter-UAS measures to preserve safe and uninterrupted aviation activities.


DefenSync's Advanced

C-UAS Solutions for Airports

At DefenSync, we are at the forefront of counter-UAS technology, continuously driving innovation and pushing industry boundaries. We are dedicated to provide airports with advanced, reliable, and future-ready solutions to combat the evolving drone threat landscape. Our focus on seamless integration, cutting-edge detection, real-time awareness, and effective interception sets us apart, enabling our clients to safeguard their airports and maintain optimal security.


Contact us today to discover how DefenSync can equip your airport with innovative and effective C-UAS solutions. Together, we can overcome the challenges posed by unauthorized drones and ensure the safety of aviation activities.


DefenSync Advantage

The UAS Threats


The most obvious threat of drones to airports is the potential for them to collide with aircraft, potentially causing crashes or damaging engines and other aircraft equipment.


Drones can be exploited for smuggling activities by carrying contraband items or illegal substances.


Drones can be used for unauthorized surveillance purposes, posing a threat to airport security and the privacy of passengers and staff.


Deliberate or accidental drone flights in airport airspace can lead to the disruption of airport operations, potentially causing flight delays or cancellations.

DefenSync's Approach to Airport Security

  • Our advanced sensors solutions incorporate industry-leading capabilities, enabling precise identification and tracking of drones within designated airspace. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms, DefenSync accurately distinguish drones from other objects, ensuring dependable and effective detection.

  • DefenSync's C-UAS solutions seamlessly integrate with third-party security systems already in place at airports. This integration streamlines the enhancement of security infrastructure without disrupting ongoing operations. By leveraging existing systems, DefenSync ensures a seamless transition and maximizes operational efficiency in detecting and mitigating drone threats.

  • Our solutions provide airports with real-time alerts and vital information about the type, location, and trajectory of drone intrusions. This empowers security personnel to respond swiftly to potential threats, minimizing risks and prioritizing the safety of passengers, aircraft, and airport facilities.

  • DefenSync's advanced software solution captures high-resolution footage of intruding drones, providing valuable evidence for legal proceedings and investigations. By recording precise and detailed data evidence, airports ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and obtain crucial information for any necessary follow-up actions.

  • DefenSync's comprehensive C-UAS solutions empower airports with proactive measures to counter unauthorized drones. Our versatile interception capabilities enable airports to disrupt and neutralize drone threats either manually or automatically, compelling intruding drones to the ground or safely returning them to their operators.

DefenSync understands the complex and critical nature of securing airports and airspace. We provide a comprehensive range of C-UAS solutions that address multiple facets of airport security, equipping airports with the necessary tools to effectively combat the ever-evolving drone threat landscape.

The Challenges

Differentiating Legal and Illegal Use

CUAS systems must distinguish authorized drones from potential threats.

Mitigating Collateral


CUAS measures must avoid disrupting airport operations or critical communication systems.



CUAS solutions must align with aviation regulations and airspace management laws.

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