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Securing the Perimeters

Next-Generation Counter UAS Solutions for Prison & Correctional Facilities
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Prisons around the world are facing an alarming increase in drone-related incidents. Inmates are exploiting drones to engage in illegal trade, smuggling drugs, alcohol, weapons, and cellphones into prisons. These activities not only endanger the lives of inmates and correctional officers but also lead to increased criminal activity both inside and outside prison walls.

Unlike traditional smuggling methods, drones allow inmates to bypass physical barriers and deliver contraband directly into prison yards. This not only facilitates the access to illicit goods but also increases the potential for inmates to commit crimes from within the prison walls. The use of drones also enables inmates to intensify their criminal activities, leading to further issues such as violence, drug abuse, and gang-related conflicts.


The Growing Threat of Drones in Prisons

Attacks on Staff or

In extreme cases, drones may be weaponized or used for targeted attacks on prison staff or inmates within the facility.

Distractions and

UAS can be flown near Prisons to distract guards or disrupt daily operations, such as count procedures or outdoor recreational activities.


Drones can be employed to drop tools, ropes, or other materials to assist in prison escapes or to facilitate inmate communication with the outside.

Surveillance and

Drones equipped with cameras or other sensors can be used to gather intelligence on security vulnerabilities, layout, or personnel movements within a prison, aiding potential escape attempts or criminal activities.


Drones can be used to transport drugs, weapons, cell phones, or other contraband into a correctional facility, bypassing traditional security measures.

The UAS Threats

At DefenSync, we specialize in providing comprehensive Counter UAS solutions for prisons and correctional facilities. Our expertise in countering drone threats enables us to deliver tailored and effective solutions to protect against unauthorized drone activity, ensuring the safety of inmates, staff, and the smooth operation of facilities.


Partner with DefenSync today for cutting-edge technologies and expertise essential for countering drone threats in prisons. Contact us to discover how our solutions can equip your facility with the necessary tools for optimal security.


DefenSync Advantage

DefenSync's Approach to Prison Environment Security

  • We deploy advanced sensor solutions that utilize artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, ensuring accurate and reliable detection of drones within designated airspace. Our technology allows for precise identification and tracking, enabling early threat detection.

  • DefenSync's C-UAS solutions seamlessly integrate with the security systems already in place at prisons and correctional facilities. By leveraging existing infrastructure, our approach minimizes disruption to ongoing operations while enhancing security capabilities.

  • Our solutions provide real-time alerts and essential information about the type, location, and trajectory of drone intrusions. This empowers security personnel to swiftly respond to potential threats, enabling proactive measures to minimize risks and ensure the safety of staff, inmates, and the facility.

  • DefenSync offers advanced software solutions that capture high-resolution footage of intruding drones. This footage serves as valuable evidence for legal proceedings and investigations, aiding in compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating necessary follow-up actions.

  • Our comprehensive C-UAS solutions equip prisons and correctional facilities with proactive measures to counter unauthorized drones. Through versatile interception capabilities, we provide options for manual or automatic drone neutralization, either compelling intruding drones to the ground or safely returning them to their operators.

At DefenSync, we recognize the unique security challenges faced by prisons and correctional facilities. Building upon our expertise in prisons security, we offer a tailored approach to address the specific needs of securing these facilities from drone threats. Our comprehensive C-UAS solutions provide the following key features:

The Challenges



Jamming disrupts essential communications, compromising security and operations within the prison.

Evolving Drone


Advanced drones can overcome jamming signals, reducing the effectiveness of jamming as a countermeasure.



Jamming in confined spaces poses risks, such as falling debris from kinetic measures like shooting down drones.

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