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Partner Program

1.       Program Definition and Objectives

  • The DefenSync Partner Program is designed to create a collaborative network of trusted partners to enhance our counter-UAS solutions and expand market reach. Our objective is to establish long-term partnerships with system integrators, technology providers, and resellers who share our commitment to countering drone threats and delivering exceptional solutions to customers.

2.       Target Partners and Eligibility Criteria

  • Our program welcomes system integrators, technology providers, and resellers with expertise in the counter-UAS field. Eligible partners should have a strong track record of successfully delivering integrated solutions, possess technical expertise, and align with DefenSync's values of innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

3.       Benefits and Incentives:

  • Access to Exclusive Technology: Partners gain access to our cutting-edge counter-UAS technology, enabling them to offer unique and advanced solutions to their customers.

  • Training and Certification: We provide comprehensive training programs and certifications to ensure partners are equipped to effectively sell, deploy, and support our solutions.

  • Marketing Support: Partners receive marketing materials, co-branding opportunities, and marketing campaign support to enhance their visibility and generate leads.

  • Revenue Sharing: Our revenue sharing model offers attractive financial incentives based on partners' sales performance and contribution to the partnership's success.

4.       Partner Onboarding Process:

  • Application: Prospective partners can submit their application through our partner portal, providing information about their company, capabilities, and previous experience.

  • Evaluation and Approval: Applications are thoroughly reviewed, and candidates are evaluated based on their alignment with our criteria. Successful applicants are granted official partner status.

  • Certifications and Training: Approved partners undergo specialized onboarding training and may be required to obtain certifications to ensure their proficiency in selling and supporting our solutions.

5.       Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Partner Responsibilities: Partners are expected to actively promote and sell DefenSync's products, meet agreed-upon sales targets, provide pre-and post-sales support to customers, and actively participate in joint marketing campaigns.

  • Company Responsibilities: We commit to providing partners with comprehensive sales support, including access to product roadmaps, marketing materials, technical experts, and dedicated account managers. We also facilitate collaborative customer support and expedite deal registrations.

6.       Resources and Tools Available:

  • Co-marketing Materials: Partners gain access to a repository of co-branded marketing materials, including brochures, whitepapers, case studies, and digital assets.

  • Technical Support: Partners receive dedicated technical support to assist with solution integration, troubleshooting, and customer support inquiries.

  • Product Roadmap: Partners gain insight into our product roadmap, ensuring they stay informed about upcoming features and capabilities, enabling them to align their business strategies and plans.

7.       Partnership Agreement:

  • The partnership agreement outlines the terms and conditions, including the partnership's duration, termination clauses, confidentiality obligations, intellectual property rights, and any legal requirements. This agreement serves to establish a mutually beneficial and transparent relationship between DefenSync and its partners.

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