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GPS Jamming

DefenSync SkyDefender / Interception

With the rise in the use of UAS, there is a growing potential for their misuse in nefarious activities. From unauthorized surveillance and smuggling to potential terrorist attacks, drones present significant risks. Security agencies and organizations face the primary challenge of malicious operators manipulating GPS signals to control and navigate these drones, making it difficult to neutralize the threat through conventional means.

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Disrupting Drone

GPS jamming provides a robust solution to disrupt the control signals between the operator and the drone. By effectively jamming GPS signals in the drone's vicinity, it becomes disoriented or loses its ability to navigate accurately. This disruption makes it challenging for the drone to maintain stability and execute its mission, effectively neutralizing the threat.

Protecting Sensitive

By integrating GPS jamming into your security strategy, you can safeguard sensitive areas and critical infrastructure. GPS-dependent drones, often utilized for reconnaissance or smuggling purposes, rely on precise positioning to carry out their missions. By mitigating GPS signals, you can prevent these drones from entering restricted zones or interfere with their ability to engage in illegal activities.

Targeted and Controlled

DefenSync's GPS jamming interception solutions are designed with meticulous precision for targeted and controlled application. Our systems can pinpoint and jam GPS signals exclusively in the desired area, minimizing interference with authorized GPS-dependent devices or systems outside the designated zone. This precision and control ensure uninterrupted operations while effectively neutralizing potential UAS threats.

Rapid Deployment &

At DefenSync, we recognize the importance of swift response and adaptability. GPS jamming interception systems can be rapidly deployed in various scenarios, ranging from protecting high-profile events and critical infrastructure to safeguarding military installations and sensitive governmental facilities. With our flexible and portable solutions, you can effectively counter UAS threats wherever and whenever they arise.

GPS Jamming

Key Features & Advantages

GPS Jamming – Challenges

  • Requires careful planning and coordination to avoid interference with authorized GPS-dependent devices.

  • May be less effective against drones equipped with alternate navigation systems or anti-jamming technology.

DefenSync is dedicated to providing advanced and customized solutions to counter UAS threats. With GPS jamming interception technology, you can effectively neutralize drones control signals and safeguard crucial assets and public safety. Our targeted and controlled approach ensures minimal disruption to authorized systems, while our rapid deployment capabilities allow timely responses to emerging threats.


Contact us today to learn more about GPS jamming interception solutions and how DefenSync can help you secure your airspace from UAS threats.


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