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Uncompromising Venue Security

Robust Counter UAS Solutions for Gatherings and Venues
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Events, stadiums, and commercial venues host large crowds of people who need to be safe from hostile drone activities which can be done to harm, harass, or illegally record events. Drones can freely fly over gates and capture a birds-eye view of the event space, making them ideal tools for unauthorized recording and transmission of event footage. This presents a significant security challenge for event security teams, who need to maintain control of the airspace to protect players, fans, and security personnel, among others.

Furthermore, drones pose a risk of bodily harm if they crash into the crowd, drop payloads or cause distractions, making it essential to have a reliable Counter UAS solution to prevent these scenarios.


The Growing Threat of Drones in Stadiums

Public Panic and Crowd Management Issues

The presence of an unauthorized drone or the perception of a threat can cause panic among crowds at public gatherings. Managing the crowd's reaction and ensuring their safety in such situations becomes crucial.

Data Breach or

Unauthorized drones with surveillance capabilities can capture sensitive data, including personal information, trade secrets, or intellectual property. This kind of data breach can lead to privacy infringements or financial losses.

Disruption of

The presence of drones flying over or near commercial venues can pose a threat to operations, especially if they interfere with critical communication systems. This disruption can lead to significant financial losses and potentially compromise the protection of broadcasting rights and intellectual property.

Disruption of
Communication Systems

Unauthorized drones can interfere with critical communication systems, including Wi-Fi networks, cellular connectivity, or radio frequencies. This disruption can impede event operations and emergency response efforts.

Terrorism &

There is a possibility of terrorist organizations or individuals using drones as a means to carry out attacks or disrupt events and venues. Drones can be utilized for reconnaissance, surveillance, or even as a means of delivering explosives or chemical agents.

The UAS Threats

DefenSync's Approach to Stadiums Security

  • DefenSync's automatic and passive detection technology allows event security teams to identify, locate, and classify unauthorized drone activities in real-time. This comprehensive detection capability ensures that no drone threat goes unnoticed.

  • Once an unauthorized drone is detected, DefenSync's counter-UAS capabilities come into play. Their solutions offer full control over the drone, allowing security teams to safely land it in a predefined zone. This effectively neutralizes the security threat posed by the drone.

  • DefenSync's solutions seamlessly integrate with existing security systems, enabling high-performance counter-UAS capabilities without causing disruptions or startling fans at events or stadiums. This ensures continuity and maintains a positive spectator experience during games or gatherings.

  • DefenSync recognizes the need for temporary and flexible deployment options. They offer solutions that cater to short-term events where timing is critical. This allows event organizers to efficiently set up and deploy counter-UAS measures when needed.

  • DefenSync's cutting-edge technology ensures regulatory compliance. By providing state-of-the-art counter-UAS solutions, they assist event organizers, stadium owners, and commercial venue operators in meeting the necessary security requirements and standards.

  • DefenSync's solutions simplify security processes for event security teams. With their expertise and experience gained over years of combating drone threats, they offer advanced technology that streamlines security operations, making them more efficient and effective.

DefenSync's holistic approach guarantees the safety and security of all stakeholders involved in events, stadiums, and commercial venues. By combining reliable detection, responsive counter-UAS capabilities, seamless integration, and compliance with regulations, they provide comprehensive solutions that address the specific needs of their clients.

Whether for fixed installations or temporary deployment, our solutions cater to open-air sites such as sports stadiums, theme parks, college campuses, and office parks. We integrate into existing security systems, providing highly accurate detection, real-time alerts, and precise countermeasures. Our non-jamming, non-kinetic technology prevents collateral damage, interference, or disturbance, upholding the safety and security of all involved.

Partner with DefenSync's pioneering Counter UAS solutions for events, stadiums, and commercial venues, securing a safer tomorrow. With cutting-edge technology and unrivaled expertise, we are committed to staying ahead in countering the evolving threat landscape of drone activities. 


DefenSync Advantage

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