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Preserving Critical Operations

Next-Generation Counter UAS Solutions for Critical Facilities
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Critical infrastructure sites, including oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, substations, National Symbols, Parliament, Military Bases, Police stations, and communication networks, are crucial components of our society. They facilitate the smooth functioning of essential services and play a vital role in public safety and security. However, these sites have historically been vulnerable to security breaches, putting public and environmental safety at risk.


The emergence of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, presents a significant threat to critical infrastructure. Hostile actors can use UAS to remotely deliver dangerous payloads to utility infrastructure from significant distances, causing large-scale harm or disruption. These payloads can include explosive materials, compromising the integrity of critical facilities.


The Growing Threat of Drones in Critical Facilities


Hostile actors can use surveillance drones to gather sensitive information about critical infrastructure sites. This information can be used for criminal activities or to plan future attacks.

Payload Delivery

UAS can be used by terrorists to deliver dangerous payloads, such as explosives or chemical substances, to critical facilities. This can cause severe damage and disrupt operations, endangering public safety and security.

Disruption of Operation

Unauthorized drone flights near critical facilities can disrupt ongoing operations, causing delays and financial losses. Furthermore, the presence of drones can lead to a state of heightened alert, unnecessary evacuations, and inefficient use of resources.

Infrastructure Mapping

Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors can be employed to gather detailed information about critical infrastructure layouts, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses. This information can be exploited to plan targeted attacks.

The UAS Threats

DefenSync's Approach to Critical Facilities Security

  • DefenSync's advanced counter-drone technology ensures real-time detection of unauthorized drones approaching restricted perimeters. Our system goes beyond detection and helps security personnel differentiate between authorized and unauthorized commercial drones, minimizing false alarms and unnecessary disruptions.

  • When an unauthorized drone is detected, DefenSync's counter-drone solutions accurately identify its location and track the drone and its operators in real-time. This information is vital for law enforcement agencies and relevant authorities to take immediate action, ensuring the security and continuity of critical infrastructure.

  • In the event of an unauthorized drone intrusion, DefenSync's counter-drone solutions enable emergency personnel and law enforcement authorities to intercept the drone and block it’s operator from achieving their goal. This proactive approach helps protect critical infrastructure and ensures swift response and interception of potential risks, ultimately maintaining public safety and security .

  • DefenSync's counter-drone solutions are designed to maintain continuity for both small and large critical infrastructure sites. The system's centralized management capabilities allow security personnel to monitor multiple sites simultaneously. This empowers them with proactive notifications and real-time information about potential drone threats, enabling a swift and effective response to protect critical assets.

DefenSync offers state-of-the-art integrated counter-drone solutions tailored to safeguard critical infrastructure facilities. Our solutions address the unique challenges posed by unauthorized drone activity and provide comprehensive protection for different types of critical facilities.

The Challenges

False Positive


Distinguishing between legitimate and unauthorized drone activity is essential to prevent false alarms that can trigger unnecessary responses or lead to missed threats.

Interception Strategies


The effectiveness of Counter UAS interception strategies can vary depending on environmental factors, available space, infrastructure, and the type of drone.



The evolving nature of drone technology means that Counter UAS solutions must be regularly updated and remain current to accommodate new and different types of drones that pose a threat.

DefenSync is dedicated to providing tailored counter-UAS solutions to safeguard critical facilities from unauthorized drone threats. Our expertise, combined with continuous research and integration of cutting-edge technologies, ensures that we are at the forefront of the ever-evolving drone landscape.


Contact us today to discover how DefenSync can assist in safeguarding your critical facilities and infrastructure from the emerging threats of drone terrorism. With our customized approach, regulatory compliance, and unwavering commitment to safety and security, you can trust DefenSync as your partner in protecting critical infrastructure from unauthorized drone activity


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