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Radio Frequency 360° Detector

DefenSync SkyDefender / Detection

Counter UAS Radio Frequency (RF) 360° Finders employ advanced sensors and AI technology to detect and track Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in real-time. These sophisticated systems constantly monitor the frequency bands typically used by drones, accurately classifying, and identifying drone control signals. By estimating the radial direction of these signals, RF 360° Finders provide crucial information for pinpointing the drone's location.

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Enhanced Tracking

With the utilization of multiple sensors, RF 360° Finders can precisely track and monitor drones. By triangulating signals from various sources, these systems narrow down the possible drone location, enabling efficient tracking during the transition from detection to interception.


RF 360° Finders provide complete 360° coverage, ensuring no angle is left unmonitored. This broad coverage empowers organizations to detect drones from all directions, enhancing situational awareness and response capabilities.

Identification of Drone and
Remote-Control Signals

These advanced systems have the capability to identify specific airframes and remote-control signals. By classifying and differentiating drone communications from common RF signals, RF 360° Finders provide valuable insights into the type of threat posed by the drone, allowing organizations to take appropriate action.

Adaptive Deployment in
Complex Terrains

Designed to adapt to complex terrains and urban environments, Counter UAS RF 360° Finders overcome line-of-sight obstacles with high-gain directional antennas. These systems function optimally in scenarios where traditional solutions may fail.

Radio Frequency 360° Detector 

Key Features & Advantages

DefenSync's Counter UAS Radio Frequency (RF) 360° Finders offer a range of advantages in effectively addressing drone threats. Here are the key benefits:

RF 360° Detector - Challenges

While the Counter UAS Radio Frequency (RF) 360° Finders offer remarkable benefits, it is essential to consider their limitations for informed decision-making:

  • Although RF 360° Finders excel at detection and tracking, their ability to identify specific airframes may be limited. Organizations should be aware that precise identification of drone models might require additional systems or technologies.

  • The spatial resolution of RF 360° Finders is restricted, and determining the precise drone position may require multiple sensors. Depending on the deployment scheme and the size of the drone flight area, complex sensor configurations may be necessary.

  • In urban and complex terrains, RF reflections from objects such as buildings or mountains may cause discrepancies when locating the drone. Organizations must consider the impact of these reflections and strategically place RF 360° Finders accordingly.

Choose DefenSync for state-of-the-art Counter UAS Radio Frequency (RF) 360° Finders that effectively combat drone threats. Our solutions deliver enhanced tracking capabilities, extensive coverage, and the ability to identify drone and remote-control signals. Experience the power of RF 360° Finders and take a proactive approach to safeguard your organization from unauthorized drones. Collaborate with DefenSync today to ensure you stay one step ahead in the dynamic landscape of UAS defense and build a safer tomorrow.


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