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Mobile Security Shield

Advanced Counter UAS Solutions for Securing High-Profile Targets on the move
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The rise of drones has introduced new security challenges that demand immediate attention. VIPs, convoys, maneuvering army forces, presidential guards, and officials are vulnerable to potential threats posed by UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Drones can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance, or even as a means to carry out attacks on high-profile individuals or events. Additionally, the ease of availability and affordability of drones amplifies the risks associated with their misuse.


DefenSync's Advanced Counter UAS Solutions for VIP


Multiple drones can be used in a coordinated manner to overwhelm security defenses, creating a significant threat to VIPs, convoys, or military forces by launching simultaneous attacks from different angles.

Unauthorized Access to
Restricted Areas

Drones can be used to breach secure zones or restricted areas, providing unauthorized individuals with access to sensitive locations and compromising the safety of VIPs and officials.


Drones can be utilized to deliver harmful payloads, including explosives or chemical substances, that can cause physical harm or damage to VIPs, convoys, or critical infrastructure.

Surveillance and

Drones can be used to gather intelligence on VIPs, convoys, military movements, and other sensitive activities, compromising security and exposing vulnerabilities.

The UAS Threats

DefenSync's Approach to VIP

  • Our automatic and passive detection technology facilitates the swift identification, location, and classification of unauthorized drone activities. With exceptional accuracy and efficiency, we ensure that every drone is promptly recognized, enabling security teams to take immediate action.

  • DefenSync's counter-UAS capabilities grant full control over identified drones, enabling security teams to safely and efficiently neutralize the threat. Through our advanced technology, drones can be skillfully landed in designated safe areas, eliminating potential harm or disruption.

  • We understand the significance of seamless integration with existing security systems. DefenSync's solutions are thoughtfully engineered to seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure, minimizing disruptions during events. Our agile and intuitive deployments ensure that security processes remain effective without causing alarm among VIPs, disrupting events, or creating panic among attendees.

  • For time-sensitive events, where timing is of the essence, DefenSync offers flexible and temporary deployment options. Our solutions can be swiftly implemented and dismantled as needed, guaranteeing that the security of VIPs and events is never compromised.

DefenSync offers Custom designed solutions tailored to the unique requirements of securing VIPs, convoys, maneuvering army forces, presidential guards, and officials. Our cutting-edge technology and expertise provide invaluable advantages in effectively countering drone threats.

DefenSync distinguishes itself as a dependable partner in countering drone threats and providing comprehensive security solutions. Our extensive collective knowledge and experience in combatting drone threats ensure that our clients receive state-of-the-art technology and unmatched expertise. We remain up-to-date with the latest trends in UAS defense technology, simplifying security processes for our clients and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our commitment extends beyond the initial implementation of our systems. DefenSync offers continuous support and maintenance, including training and long-term assistance, to guarantee the effectiveness of your security solution. Through collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we ensure that our solutions consistently meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Invest in peace of mind with DefenSync and secure every aspect of VIP protection, convoy movements, maneuvering army forces, and events involving presidential guards and officials. Your aerial security is our utmost priority.


DefenSync Advantage

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