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RF Cyber Takeover

DefenSync SkyDefender / Interception

The Counter UAS - RF Cyber-Takeover system represents a cutting-edge technology designed to combat the threat of rogue drones. This advanced solution combines the power of counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) with the strategic use of RF technology, enabling the takeover and control of unauthorized drones. By leveraging RF Cyber-Takeover capabilities, security forces gain the upper hand in neutralizing rogue drones, ultimately enhancing airspace security.

Image by Wim van 't Einde
Precision and Surgical

RF cyber-takeover utilizes a short, precise signal to seize control of rogue drones, redirecting them along a predetermined safe route for a controlled landing. This surgical approach minimizes collateral damage and intervention range is optimized for effective communication disruption.

Seamless End-to-End

RF cyber-takeover technology seamlessly detects, takes over, and safely lands rogue drones. Automated deployment ensures real-time, error-free response, providing a reliable solution from start to finish.

Continuity and Minimal
Collateral Damage

With a focus on preserving continuity and avoiding interference with other communication systems, RF cyber-takeover accurately distinguishes between authorized and unauthorized drones. This allows authorized drones to continue operations while neutralizing rogue drones.

Swift Interception of Swarm Attacks

In swarm attack scenarios, RF cyber-takeover swiftly intercepts each unauthorized drone individually. By identifying unique frequency and transmission patterns, we regain control and neutralize threats promptly.

Leveraging Drone

RF cyber-takeover preserves the integrity of captured drones, allowing organizations to extract valuable intelligence and improve security measures. Analyzing drone data and insights enhances threat prevention strategies while complying with applicable laws.

Tailored to RF-Based

Designed specifically for RF-based commercial drones, including manufactured and DIY variants, our solution addresses their unique communication protocols. This tailored response ensures effectiveness in the ever-evolving drone technology landscape.

RF Cyber Takeover

Key Features & Advantages

RF Cyber Takeover – Challenges

  • High RF interference can affect the system's effectiveness in urban or high-frequency communication environments.

  • Rogue drone operators constantly evolve their drones to counter detection and interception strategies.

  • Privacy, intrusion, and potential harm to innocent bystanders must be considered in the use of RF Cyber Takeover.

Break free from the constraints of traditional countermeasures and embrace the power of RF Cyber-Takeover by DefenSync. This state-of-the-art technology ensures the precise control of rogue drones, protecting your organization, safeguarding critical areas, and preserving continuity. Contact us today to learn more about how DefenSync's Counter UAS - RF Cyber-Takeover can empower your security operations and secure your airspace effectively. Together, we can shape a safer tomorrow in the battle against rogue drones.


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