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Aerial Fortress: Safeguarding the Skies

Command and Control System

As the threat of rogue drone activity increases, a centralized Command and Control System has become a fundamental part of effective counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) solutions. The Command-and-Control System serves as a nerve center, consolidating inputs from all counter UAS detection and interception systems. This approach enables decision-makers to have real-time situational awareness and access to necessary tools to detect, assess, and intercept potential drone threats. At DefenSync, we recognize the importance of this fundamental part and provide advanced technologies to deliver a powerful C-UAS system that ensures the safety and security of your airspace.

Image by Wim van 't Einde
Drone Detection

Our system utilizes advanced sensors such as radar, passive RF-DF, Electro-Optical and acoustic sensors among other capabilities to detect and track drones, ensuring comprehensive situational awareness.


By integrating data from various sensors, our system enables operators to have a complete view of drone activity, facilitating informed decision-making and effective threat neutralization.

Automated Threat

The system automatically analyzes drone behavior, classifies threat levels, and triggers appropriate responses, ensuring swift action and reducing operator fatigue.


DefenSync's system integrates cutting-edge technologies like RF jamming, laser systems, and physical countermeasures to neutralize or capture unauthorized drones, ensuring the safety of your airspace.

Open System

Our system's flexible and adaptable open architecture allows for seamless integration with new technologies and updates, future-proofing your investment.


Incorporating robust cybersecurity protocols, our system protects against unauthorized access and potential cyber threats, ensuring the integrity of your system.

Command and Control (C2)

DefenSync's intuitive and user-friendly C2 interface empowers operators with efficient monitoring and control capabilities, simplifying the management of counter-drone operations.


Our system can be scaled to suit the size of the designated area and the complexity of the drone threat, providing a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements.

Real-time Alerts

Instantaneous alerts and notifications provide operators with timely information when a potential drone threat is detected, enabling quick response and minimizing risks associated with rogue drones.

Aerial Fortress

Key Features & Advantages

Our Control and Command System for Counter UAS (C-UAS) incorporates a range of key features designed to provide unparalleled airspace security.

The Challenge

Varied Drone Technologies: The rapidly evolving drone landscape introduces new technologies that may require periodic updates to maintain effectiveness. We strive to keep our systems up-to-date to address emerging threats

  • Radars rely on clear line-of-sight for optimal performance, making them vulnerable to adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or fog. In such cases, detection capabilities may be compromised, reducing the effectiveness of radar-based counter UAS solutions.

  • Despite advancements in radar technology, the ability to differentiate between small drones and other flying objects, such as birds, can occasionally lead to false positives. This limitation requires security personnel to manually verify potential threats, which may increase response time and resource utilization.

Choosing DefenSync as your partner in airspace protection ensures access to Aerial Fortress - Command and Control System for Counter UAS (C-UAS) that combines cutting-edge technology, expert support, and a commitment to meeting your unique operational needs.


With DefenSync's Aerial Fortress - Control and Command System for Counter UAS (C-UAS), you can confidently secure your airspace from rogue drone threats. Our advanced features, robust cybersecurity measures, and user-friendly interface provide you with the tools needed to effectively detect, assess, and intercept unauthorized drone activities. Take control of your airspace security by partnering with DefenSync today.


DefenSync Advantage

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